Summer Bucket List 2015

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About a year ago I fell in love with seasonal bucket lists. 
The first bucket list we ever made was for the summer of 2014. 
We had so much fun working on and completing that list.
2014 was the most memorable summer with the girls so far. However I am feeling pretty confident that the summer of 2015 is going to be even better. 
This past weekend girls and I sat down and made a bucket list for this year. We chose some of our favorites from last years list, a few summer staples and added in some new items to keep things exciting. 
We are so excited to get started on this list and share our summer adventures with you!
Did you make a summer bucket list?
What are you the most excited about?
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  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I finally made a seasonal bucket list!! I'll be sharing that in a few days. I didn't put ice cream date on our list, and I'm obviously going to have to make that change asap!

  • Love the list! I should make one for our family since I already made one for work

  • That list is perfect! I love that you can get the girls imput!

  • We have a few of the same activities on our lists! I cant wait to start checking them off in earnest! Happy Summering!

  • chall1018

    Watergun fight!!!! That's a good one. I know Mason would love to add that one to our bucketlist. So fun! Can't wait to follow along as you guys cross things off your list.

  • Amy Smith

    I love the watergun fight! That's a great one! I'm sharing our list tomorrow. 🙂

  • Homemade Popsicles! What a great idea! I love your list. Looks like it will top "Best Summer Ever 2014"! 🙂

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  • Such a great list!! I'd love to go to a Drive-In. Maybe we'll be able to when we're in F'ville in July!

  • Ashley

    I posted my first bucket list yesterday! We have some similar things to check off! Happy summer!! Yay

  • Stefanie

    Such a great list! I hope you manage to cross everything off of it!!!

  • Thank you so much! I hope we do too. Our spring list kind of bombed so we really need to get our act together and follow through on this one.

  • Wahoo! I have to check it out! You too friend, we are so excited!

  • I didn't realize they had a drive in there! That is awesome. My hope is that the Minion movie coming out in July will make it to the drive in by sometime in August. That is the weekend we will go. I can hardly wait. The girls had SO much fun last year.

  • I used to make them with my mom ALL the time but I never have with my girls. I can't wait! I really, really think that it will :).

  • That was a last minute addition that just sounded like way to much fun… plus an excuse to buy some water guns :).

  • That was the very last one I thought of. I think Russ will get a kick out of that. I hope the girls get into it and have fun too. I can't wait to get started!!!

  • Me too, me too! Doesn't it feel great to say that?! Man I just love summer. I think I love it more as an adult than I ever did as a kid, lol.

  • Thank you! Me too, but they are getting so big :(.

  • You should TOTALLY make a family list, that would be awesome!

  • Because, hello! You just can not have summer without ice cream! Can't wait to see your list!

  • Oh gosh, YES!! I didn't even think about that movie!! Wyatt is OBSESSED with Despicable Me.

  • My girls are too :)!

  • such a wonderful idea! I only had 2 which was fly a kite and make a sandcastle. Ive checked off the kite so far!

  • Awesome list! We need to find a drive-in around here. I think the boys would love it!

  • I wish we had a drive in close. So much fun! I think every kids' little dream is to have a water gun fight 😉 great liar!

  • List not liar 😉

  • Whitney Jordan

    Sounds like fun! Love the baseball game, zoo, drive inn and fireworks 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Eeeekkk! I NEED to make mine! The problem is, after I see everyone else's, I want to add all these cool things to mine too. My list is like 100 things long now!

  • Lol! Well you better get busy then, huh 😉?!

  • Those are probably my favorites on the list too!!!

  • Lol! The drive inn is AMAZING. It is probably one of my favorites on the list. I am REALLY hoping we can watch the Minion Movie there this summer. The water gun fight is bound to be special. I just hope we get through it with no crying 😉.

  • You totally do! The drive inn was by far one of last years summer highlights. I am REALLY hoping to watch The Minion Movie there this summer.

  • I think I would trade my whole list if I could just go to the beach once and make a sand castle myself. That is a pretty impossible one too beat!