Newman Family Vacation 2015 {Part One}


Last week we finally took that little trip I have been dropping hints about. I wanted to give all the details and post photos along the way but we are “those” people. You know, the ones who don’t announce their vacation where abouts until they arrive back home. I could honestly go either way on the issue but the husband is pretty set on keeping things on the down low so I play along.

We left the morning of Marissa’s 7th birthday and spent 4 days and 3 night in St. Louis seeing the sites, making memories and having a blast. I am quickly going to run you through our first couple of days and show you loads of photos along the way.

Our first stop upon arriving was White Castle for some lunch. We have a list of food places that we must eat at while in St. Louis and White Castle is one of them. After lunch we headed to The Magic House.


We imagined.


Splashed around.

(This is Emily’s presidential face)


Discovered that even electricity couldn’t get rid of the curls.

Emily mastered the photo bomb in an all in kind of way.

This sand castle… pretty amazing.

The Magic House was great as always. The girls are pretty much the perfect age to play and enjoy that place for hours. 

After The Magic House we hit up Dewey’s Pizza. Maybe the best pizza St Louis has too offer.

Day two was spent at the St Louis Zoo.After snapping this photo I saw the sign that said do not climb #fail.

Our zoo day was kind of cool and rainy but I think that made for the perfect day. The animals were out, active and it wasn’t too hot either.

 Fun artistic shot.
Our favorite part of the zoo was easily the seals. We spent a lot of time here.

 What is a zoo trip without a carousel ride?


I snapped this shot in the Butterfly House. I could have spent hours in there taking photos but a certain 7 year old was a bit freaked out by the hundreds of butterflies swarming everywhere.
When your sister sits in the seat that you wanted to sit in. Oh the girl drama.
A bit blurry but look, I’m there too!

St. Louis has the most amazing penguin house. It is FREEZING cold in there but being feet away from these amazing penguins was awesome.

We loved the seals so much we went back to say goodbye and made a friend while we were there too.

After the zoo we had to find a Trader Joe’s so I could stock up on some Cookie Butter and other Trader Joe’s essentials. Joplin REALLY needs a Trader Joe’s.

Then we had dinner at Fitz’s bottling company. They bottle Fitz’s soda’s here and we were able to take a peek at how they do that while enjoying some great food and root beer.


Our first two days were fantastic.

Just being together out of town was so much fun. 
I’ll fill you in on the rest of our trip later this week!

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27 thoughts on “Newman Family Vacation 2015 {Part One}

  1. Well doesn't that just look like a ton of fun already!! I've only driven through St. terrible traffic, but never visited. It looks much more fun when you aren't cursing detours. I love the Magic House! idea of it. I remember going to the Memphis Children's Museum when I was little. I'm not sure if we have anything like that around here or even in Orlando but I know Aria would love it one day.

  2. I just have to giggle at the girl drama! Please tell me that does slow down a bit eventually…right? Such a fun little vacay! Love the presidential picture too! Seems like St Louis has a lot to offer families! P.S. My husband is definitely anti-details on the blog too 😉

  3. We are totally that family too… I drop hints about vacations and whatnot, but Scott is very insistent that we not broadcast when we will be gone.
    Your trip looks and sounds like it was so much fun! My dad is obsessed with White Castle. They have them in Minnesota, and whenever my folks make the trip up north they always have to stop there.

    The Magic House looks beyond amazing. And the many faces of Emily never cease to crack me up.

  4. I'd love to be entered into your drawing for the Magic House passes! 🙂 I'm hoping we'll be able to take more weekend trips this next year since we'll be homeschooling!


  5. Oh the girl drama. It is crazy and NO it doesn't slow down. Maybe yours will though :). St. Louis has a TON for families. We didn't even get to all of it, so cool.

    So glad to know I'm not alone with the hubby situation.

  6. Baha ha! YES! We cursed a few of those detours too. Detours, rain and traffic in an unfamiliar city ='s STRESS!!!! I bet you totally have something like that around there :).

  7. Ah see, we aren't the only ones. Russ is pretty anti social media so being married to a "blogger" has been quite the challenge for the poor guy :).

    That is so funny. I had no idea they were up north! I am not a huge fan, but I humor Russ.

    She is a hoot!

  8. Sounds like so much fun! I'm insanely jealous of how empty your zoo is and how you got the most amazing photos of the girls. I love the girl drama one 🙂 Also… I'm kind of that person too when it comes to posting where you are if you're out of town. I want to over gram like crazy and share photos but then I'm paranoid for strangers on the internet to know that I'm not home. Though I don't have my address anywhere, you know you can never be too careful. My problem is when we go on our cruise, I know I'm going to want to post like crazy and I don't know if I can wait until we get home! But alas, the overgramming (and over blogging!) might have to wait until the next week 🙂

  9. It was AMAZING. Probably because it was rainy and a week day but I will take it!

    I know exactly what you mean. I always want to do lots of posting but Russ really frowns on it so I don't :(. When we went to Disney a few years back I did. But we were living in a junkie duplex and all of our stuff had been "eaten" by the tornado so what was around for someone to steal, lololol. I also don't have my address any where but I have posted photos of my house…. it just all seems a bit complicated, weird and just plain better to be safe.

  10. I totally get the waiting until you get back from vacation
    thing. My uncle posted about his vacation on FB and came back to an empty
    house! There are cruel people out there, unfortunately. White Castle…yum!! We
    always visit Krystal burgers when we travel to Tennessee, which is somewhat
    similar. I adore that electricity picture. It looks awesome with her curls. Can’t
    go wrong with Pizza!!! And the zoo? I love visiting different zoos. This one
    looks amazing. Whoa…nice shot (butterfly)! Nice. I don’t think I’ve ever had a
    Fitz soda. These are all great pictures and you have one precious family!

  11. Oh my goodness that is so sad ☹. I guess you can never be to cautious. If we ever go somewhere too exciting we will have to get a house sitter 😊.
    I have never heard of Krystal burgers but I bet my hubby would be a fan 😊.
    The St. Louis zoo is AMAZING and it is free to go inside. Sometimes you have to pay for parking but we found a free spot as well. If you ever get a chance to go, go.
    Thank you so much 😊.

  12. Sounds like a fun vacation so far! That zoo looks awesome. My sister would love the sea lion exhibit there- she's a trainer 🙂 Great pictures of your girls as always!

  13. I can't wait to for the kids to get older and take them on fun trips!! This sounds and looks so fun! And I'm definitely a sucker for zoos so I can't wait to hit that one up!

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