Mothers Day Weekend {2015}

Mothers day weekend at the Newman house was full of family time. 

I thought it would be fun to do a weekend recap of our time together.

First off Russ was home for a 4 day weekend, WAHOO! I LOVE when Russ is home for long weekends. It makes the girls and I so happy to have lots of time with our favorite guy. We had planned to make a trip to Branson to visit Silver Dollar City but it rained and rained then rained some more. Every day there was greater than a 50% chance of rain and driving 2 hour one way just wasn’t worth the risk. So we stayed home and found things to do around the house instead.

Russ built a table saw so he could work on a project I have had in mind for quite a while now.

I went for my last long run before this weekends half marathon.

I may have stopped at the donut shop on my way home. I guess I maybe broke even there…. probably not though.

We danced and played in the rain.

Made silly faces.

I caught a beautiful sunset.
Russ hung my Mothers Day present.

Home made with love presents are the best.

We went out for some Mothers Day Pizza.

Played on the porch in the rain.

And snapped a Mothers Day picture.

I just love my girls. 

We watched movies, ate ice cream, stayed up way to late, played basketball, laughed, grilled out and enjoyed being together. 

The weather may not have been ideal and we may have had to cancel our day trip (again). 

But I was able to spend 4 whole days with my 3 favorite people.

And that is all I really wanted for Mothers Day. 

How did you spend your Mothers Day weekend?

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  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    You made the best out of you rainy day(s), and it all sounds awesome.
    Thanks to that donut photo you posted I *insisted* we get donuts after church on Sunday – my Mother's Day wish fulfilled. πŸ™‚
    That last picture of you and the girls is definitely frame-worthy!!

  • That sunset is so beautiful! I had some good donuts on Mother's Day, too! Nom Nom!

  • How fun! Glad you had a great day! That sunset is gorgeous!

  • Such an awesome weekend!! Bummer about SDC though. Hopefully you can still make it there sometime soon!

  • Amy Smith

    Perfect weekend, even with the yucky weather. Love the picture of you with the girls.

  • Such a fun Mother's Day!

  • What a lovely weekend!! Love when everyone can be home for long stretches like that. It's a great memory-making weekend that way πŸ™‚ And those doughnuts! YUM!! Happy belated Mother's Day!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  • Thank you so much. It was a pretty wonderful day!

  • It really was. I just barely noticed it too.

    You simply can not go wrong with donuts. They are just the best.

  • EVERY TIME we have tried to go this year it has rained. I am about to give up lol. Seriously. It is just plain crazy and obviously just not meant to be this year.

  • It was a great long weekend.

    Thank you!

  • It really was :). I could go for a repeat this weekend.

  • Yes, it really is.

    Thank you so much friend, you too!

  • Aaahhhh I am SO glad that you got your donut finally. I bet Marcus didn't mind one little bit either :)!

    Thanks friend.

  • Abigail is supposed to go with her grandparents next Friday. we'll see if that ends up happening….

  • Such a perfect weekend! Bummer about Silver Dollar City! Hope yall can make it before it heats up too much!

  • What a beautiful weekend and that pizza, yum!! My kids had the stomach flu, so I think a redo weekend should happen soon πŸ™‚

  • Perfect, perfect weekend of family time and DONUTS! I need some donuts STAT, ha ha. That's the pregnancy in me talkin' (no it's not. I'd be crying for some donuts after seeing your picture even if I wasn't pregnant, ha! They are my weakness!)
    The rain everyone is getting these days is seriously crazy!! Send some to the west… we are droughting it big time over here!

  • I've pretty much given up :(. At least if we don't make it before it gets too hot there are plenty of water rides to cool us off a bit.

  • You totally deserve a redo. It makes me so sad to think that the stomach flu is STILL going around. Being sick in May just shouldn't be allowed :(.

  • Haha! I LOVE donuts too. What is it about them?! They are just this little happy circle of perfection that I have to devour.

    I wish I could. It rained off and on again most of the day today too. We are definitely over what we need to get for the year. Hope you get some rain soon!

  • Stefanie

    It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! LOVE the picture of you with your girls. Just beautiful!

  • It was a great weekend. I wish we could do it all over again 😊! Thank you so much friend.

  • First off…4 days with the husband at home? Those are my fave too. So nice to have family time. Sounds like a wonderful mother's day to me! Even if you had to skip SDC because of the rain. I always forget to check the weather over in Orlando the day before a disney trip. So far we've been lucky even when rain was in the forecast. I'm sure we won't be that lucky forever. Maybe mom should weather check first.

  • Those are SO awesome aren't they. Man even 3 day weekends are pretty awesome.

    Hehe I was TERRIFIED it was going to poor when we were at Disney. Glad you've had good luck so far. Are rain showers down there long or are they pretty short? It can and does rain ALL DAY long here.

  • Sounds like an awesome weekend! We didn't get to do everything I wanted because of rain either, but Mother's Day pizza totally makes everything better! πŸ˜‰ love the picture of you with your sweet girls!

  • Also–for some reason not all of your posts show up in my Bloglovin' feed. I've gotta' get that fixed! Ha!

  • Thank you so much. It really was a great weekend.

    It isn't you friend. For some reason my posts were not posting to Bloglovin' for almost 2 weeks :(. They magically all showed up today though so HOPEFULLY all is fixed now. I will definitely be keeping a close eye on it for a while though.

  • Ashley

    What a fantastic day!! I am loving that DIY table saw…any chance you can share a few more pics of it so I can show Thomas??

    Sounds like a totally perfect weekend! Happy Mothers Day (late)

  • Well it is partially disassembled now. But I know he watched a video on you tube about how to put it together. That might be even more helpful than a picture! It worked out really well since he has SEVERAL circular saws already. It’s a great way to save some money for sure, especially since we had all of the supplies.

  • Ashley

    Oh bummer! It would have been cool to show it to Thomas…to YouTube I go!

  • If you can’t find something let me know and I will ask him what he watched!