My New Glasses From Firmoo {Product Review}

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I was recently invited to give Firmoo glasses a try. The offer couldn’t have possibly came at a better time.


Why, you ask?

My glasses were about 4 years old, fell off my face when I bent over and had an expired prescription. Pathetic I know, but I kept wearing them. On top of that my vision is BAD y’all. I take out my contacts and if my glasses aren’t sitting right there, I can’t find them. #thestruggleisreal.



Now that you know the back story you can only imagine my excitement at the thought of having a new pair of glasses. So off I went to the optometrist where I discovered that once again my vision had worsened. +5.00? Sure, why not. 20/20 vision is so over rated.

That night I sat down on Firmoo‘s website ready to order. I imagined that it was going to take quite a bit of time and be fairly complicated. I was so wrong. It only took me a matter of minutes.


First off the site is extremely user friendly. You can organize glasses by size, by shape, frame type and material. I knew exactly what I wanted and finding it was so easy. 

Plus check this out. 

I was actually able to “try the glasses on” If you’ve ever tried glasses on in store you know the pain of searching for frames you like and trying them on over and over again. God forbid you put them down, you may never find them again. This was so much easier and all done while sitting at home in my pajamas.

The ordering process was just as quick and painless and the prices are PHENOMENAL. My prescription is rather strong and that usually means huge up charges at the chain stores. Not at Firmoo. I was shocked to see how inexpensive it was to get the thinner lenses. I can actually afford to own more than just one pair of glasses now. 

Within 15 minutes late on Tuesday night the order was placed, a couple days later it shipped and by Monday morning I was greeted with a package on my door step. By far the fastest service I have ever received and I didn’t even have to go pick them up.

Now for the part that everyone seems so concerned about. How can you buy glasses without ever trying them on. Will they fit? Put your worries aside. With a great site, detailed pictures, some virtual help and a quality product, it just works.

Firmoo definitely did not disappoint. 
And neither did my 6 year old photographer in training who snapped these photos of me with the DSLR.
Maybe I’ll get something a bit more “funky” for my next pair ;).

Do you purchase glasses online?
Have you tried Firmoo yet?

Firmoo offers 50% off of you first pair check out this offer to snag this deal.

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*Firmoo provided me with these glasses in exchange for my honest review. I had a great experience and would definitely order from them again. 

  • Love them! So glad you got to try them out! I'm wearing mine right now!

  • Me to! Thanks for recommending me. Between you and Jamie from Cocktails and Carseats I think I was recommended twice :). I am LOVING mine and have really been enjoying a break from my contacts.

  • Thank you! You should definitely check them out.

    I think I will definitely make a photographer out of her. Ever since she took those she keeps eyeballing my camera wanting to take more.

  • I picked a totally funky (for me) pair when I choose mine. I love the quality for the cost you would have to pay if you were to pay for them. I like the sides of yours… maybe they would be more fun it they entire frame was like that!

  • How cool! They look awesome!

  • Thanks Kelly. They make me feel very teacher like, which is good I suppose :).

  • Thank you! Oh goodness girl we would make quite the pair without visual help then. My optometrist keeps reassuring me I could be much worse. It is just so scary when all you see is blobs, you know?!

  • Your choice was pretty fun. I almost went with something a bi more brave but I decided to play it pretty safe. The sides are really fun but all over, WHOA! Hehe! I pretty much only wear glasses at home though so I should have got something really crazy. I do too! Getting them free was awesome, but I would totally buy a pair the next time I need glasses. The price/quality is pretty hard to beat.

  • Very much so. The nice thing is my prescription hasn't changed in like 5 years. I've definitely pondered getting lasik!

  • Ah that is nice! I don't think I am a good candidate :(. Something about + powers and such. I'd likely still need glasses and what is the point of that?! I guess regaining a bit of vision would be nice though.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    These are so cute!! I love them.
    I'm thisclose to buying a new pair, Firmoo is totally where I'm going, but I feel I should wait until after M2 arrives. I can't wait to "try on" all the cute frames they have to offer!

  • Cute! Love the new glasses! πŸ™‚ I'm like you too- terrible vision. I've had contacts since 4th grade and glasses since 1st πŸ™‚

  • Haha well I kind of had to. I didn't have a copy of my old one and new it was outdated anyways. I had my eyes checked a few times since my last glasses (for contacts) but never ordered new glasses. Plus my contact prescription was over a year expired and I literally only had one lens left… not a pair, one lens. I like to walk on the wild side and risk not being able to see :P.

    What freaks you out?

  • Thanks friend!

    Have you done a review for them? If not I will check and see if they are looking for bloggers to work with and maybe refer you?!

  • Thank you. Thanks for the referral too! Eeessshhhhh looks like we have more in common than just hating Mondays huh ;). I keep bracing myself for one of the girls to have eye problems… so far so good.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I haven't done a review, but would love to!
    Thanks so much!

  • chall1018

    Love Firmoo! You picked some great ones. Perfect for you, pretty lady!

  • These look perfect on you!! Pretty momma!

  • Thank you so much! I love them!

  • Aaahhh thanks :). They make me feel so smart too. Hehe! Why is it that glasses just do that?!

  • Summer Ann

    These look adorable on you!!!

  • Love these! My vision is terrible as well. I'm blind as a bat w/o something correcting my vision.

  • Liz

    Love these! I actually just got my first pair of glasses in the last few weeks…had my first eye-check in about 5 years…yikes! I have to go pick them up. I had to get kids' frames…narrow face. I love them!! <3

  • Thank you so much! I am loving them.

  • As weird as it sounds it has been really comforting hearing so many other people tell me they are blind to, lol Thank you so much, I really like them too.

  • I'm like -9.50 in both eyes. I feel your

  • Hehe! It is so easy to just let things like that go a bit. It is so exciting getting glasses. I bet they are going to be super cute!

  • I'll see what I can do!

  • Oh my goodness lady, you win ;).

  • I feel like once you go past a certain point, it's mostly the same.haha

  • Lol that is true, blobs are blobs 😊.

  • Thanks friend! I love them too! That is SO exciting! I can't wait to see what you pick out. I have been wearing these quite a bit lately. Especially in the evenings after things start to wind down for the day.

  • Ashley

    I haven't gotten a new prescription or glasses since before I got married. It's bad!

  • Lol. It is pretty much the easiest thing ever to neglect. Yet such a HUGELY important thing. Wearing contacts keeps me in line. I can’t order more when my prescription expires.