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When I first heard that Beth was going to be doing a Girl Mom Series, I was beyond excited. Last year, I had participated in the Boy Mom Series over at Chasin Mason and it was so fun talking about superheroes, dirt, and crazy boy stuff. But, friends, after having 2 boys you better believe I love talking about all things girl
Honestly, as soon as I found out I was pregnant with baby #3, I just knew it had to be a boy. When I was about 18 weeks pregnant, I went in for a doctors visit with my mom and grandma who were visiting from Michigan. We had been out and about, so they just came along and my doctor sweetly offered to do an ultrasound so they could see the baby. It was then that we found out little baby #3 was a little girl. Such a special moment to share with my grandma and mom. We have gone through a lot over the years and it just seemed like such hope and promise in that moment. 
Now here I am with an almost 10 month old precious baby girl. I cannot imagine life without her. There really is just something unique and special about the bond you have with your daughter. 

As I think about my daughter growing up, there are 4 things I hope for her. 
Girl Moms

1) I hope she finds her identity in God, not in boys or herself or material things.
2) I hope she has confidence to be her unique self. 
3) I hope she overflows with grace and love to others. 
4) I hope she laughs and loves life. 
There are many other hopes and dreams I have, but for now, I am enjoying her sweet little baby phase. She already is way more active than my boys ever were- perhaps that is what happens when you have 2 older brothers. She is starting to love snuggling with stuffed animals and it just melts my heart. Daily I look at her playing with her brothers, and I am filled with overflowing love and amazement. Even in the midst of crazy moments, there really is something special and incredible about being a mom.


I would love to connect with you~ Stop on over at Living In This Season where I share about living fully in your current season of life. I love sharing a little assortment of everything and absolutely love the community of blogging. It is pretty amazing. Thanks again, Beth, for letting me share today.

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Thank you so much Keri!

I absolutely love Keri’s blog, she is such an encouragement to my soul and I know you will find it to be a blessing as well. Make sure you stop by, say hello and follow along!

Living In This Season

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  • Number 1 … all the way, all day! I want the exact some thing for Connor. I pray that he is a kind boy that grows into a loving man that follows Christ instead of fads, cliques and peer pressure.

  • Those are beautiful dreams for her! I hope those things for Aria too. If I think about all her years and all the things I want her to be and know, it sure gets overwhelming! day by day

  • Those are beautiful dreams for your little girl! I really connect with #2 and #4 for Callie. Confidence… we truely need more confident women in this word and I think that's my biggest wish!

  • Rachel Garay

    Aww so sweet, I love the hopes that Keri has for her baby girl! Thanks for sharing Beth and Keri.
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

  • Liz

    She is beautiful!! Your dreams for her are the same dreams I have for our three little girls. Ironically, after having two little girls, we were convinced that #3 was a boy. Well, here SHE is, and she rocks my world. I have such a special bond with this little one. So happy to have met you through the "Girl Mom Series"!! 🙂
    ~Liz (

  • Bethany Magnie

    I swore up and down Naomi would be a boy too, I even got her some boy onsies (some of which she wears)! I'm definitely filling the survey out now!

  • Justine Y

    My (almost 3 year old) daughter was looking over my shoulder and when I scroled past the sweet sleeping baby picture she said, "Aww… cute…"
    My daughter is also very active, perhaps because she has an older brother who is crazy, but she is definitely also her own person. 🙂

  • Amen, amen I couldn't possibly agree any more Stephanie.

  • Confession: sometimes I start sobbing when I imagine my kids 10 years down the road. I just want so much for them. Day by day by day friend. One day at a time is all this mamas heart can handle.

  • Confidence is SO huge. I was just talking about this with some friends. We were discussing finding the balance between teaching kids to be confident vs prideful. It can be a hard balance to find, especially as they get older but kids with confidence are proven to excel. It is just so very important.

  • It was so great to have Keri post. Her hopes were definitely my favorite part.

  • Liz I was reading your post today and thinking how well you and Keri would get along, then wondering if you knew here already. Three girls, so so sweet. I just simply love it. Can't wait to have you do a girl mom post later down the road. I will be sending you an email sometime in the next week.

  • Hehe! I had already bought some boy stuff for our first daughter too. So glad I am not the only one that has done that. Thanks for filling out the survey I will send you an email sometime in the next week.

  • Aww that is so sweet. I bet she totally feeds off of her brothers energy, so fun that they have each other.

  • Keri Snyder

    Aww so precious Justine! Isn't it fun seeing how different the kids can be?

  • Keri Snyder

    Hahah! We bought a little boy hat because I just knew we would have a boy- guess you just never know!

  • Keri Snyder

    Liz I cannot wait to stop by and connect more! Love how we can meet others through Blogland 🙂 I am absolutely loving being a girl mom now as well as a boy mom- it is so special.

  • Keri Snyder

    Thanks Rachel 🙂

  • Keri Snyder

    Yes Jenny!! I think I'm finally loving myself and being more confident in who I am at the age of 31- i hope my little one is confident from the start!

  • Keri Snyder

    Yes day by day… It can get overwhelming!

  • Keri Snyder

    Yes yes Stephanie! I was so excited when we had our boys bc I said the world needs more Men following God in this world.

  • Oh she is precious! I love your list for what you want her to find in life, you are one wise mama!

  • Isn't she?! She wrote such a great list. I want all of that for my girls too.