Currently {January 2015}

Reading // My bible. I started the 365 Days Of Truth on the She Reads Truth app. I am doing an okay job staying caught up and trying to read with attentive ears. Ultimately staying caught up isn’t the goal, learning and growing is. I love it when I read a familiar story but pick up on a detail I had never noticed before.

Learning // How to take pictures in manual. I have learned it isn’t easy, but it isn’t nearly as hard or intimidating as I thought it would be either. I have really been enjoying this free course online

Watching // Friends. Just in case you missed it Netflix added 200+ episodes recently. Finally a series that will take me less than a couple weeks to watch… maybe. 
Making // I decided to get crafty with a fun DIY project this weekend. But you’ll have to come back tomorrow for the details on that. 
Wishing // It was warmer outside. Temps under freezing for several days in a row. Just not cool. 
Looking Forward To // The beginnings of this years garden. So crazy to think that in about a month I will be starting my seeds. Peppers need about 12 weeks to mature. I can’t wait for dirty hands again. 

Wearing // It is #SCARFWEEK on Instagram. So I just might have to wear a scarf every day this week. Make sure you link up your picture and join in on the fun.

Drinking // Tea, lots and lots of tea all day long. English Breakfast tea with honey and half & half or Green tea with honey. 
Wanting // A good sale at Kohls so I can order a pair of my favorite jeans ever. 
Planning // So much to think about in the planning department. This years garden, Emily and Russ’ birthdays and next years school curriculum. Must, not, procrastinate. 

Praying // That God would teach me more about Grace this year.

Missing // Christmas. Winter with no Christmas is just not fun.

How about you?

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15 thoughts on “Currently {January 2015}

  1. Your photos are looking great!! There definitely is a learning curve with manual mode for sure. So worth it though. What kind of camera did you get?

  2. These post are among my favorite! And, so many bloggers have been posting them lately. I think I need to borrow this for a rainy day. 🙂
    Your photos in manual are awesome! I'm so intimidated to switch over. Might have to check out those courses, though!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the Manual mode class! I need to practice more with manual. It intimidates the crap out of me. lol! And I'm on the Friends train, too. I can't stop laughing out loud. I love that show soooo much!

  4. Your scarf is GORGEOUS! Love your outfit!
    Also, I don't know how much the jeans normally cost on sale but I clicked the link to see what your favorite jeans were and they say $29.99 (at least online)! Might be time to do a little shopping!

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