It’s the little things /Pizza Sunday

 At our house we love us some pizza, and I mean LOVE!

My favorite part of pizza has to be that everyone eats it. I don’t have to worry about Emily not liking dinner, or begging the kids to eat more of their food. I make it, we eat it, and everyone is full and happy at the end of the meal. This is how I wish every meal would go, sadly that is not always the case. So much for my unrealistic, naive expectations of the picture perfect family dinner every night. 

About a year or so ago I started making Pizza on a regular basis. That changed to being almost every Sunday night and some how that morphed into what we now call “Pizza Sunday”. This is our weekly family time that we can always count on. Everyone has a job and pitches in to get dinner done.

I love that on Sunday nobody asks “Mom, whats for dinner?” X 50 instead they excitedly squeal in their high pitch voices “It’s pizza Sunday” They know it is our night, they look forward to it and they love it. 

It isn’t fancy, overly structured or glamorous. It is just about being a family and being together. I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to end the week. 

Does your family have a weekly tradition?

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  • Love this idea of a little weekly tradition! Such a fun idea!

    • It is so much fun! Another perk of it is, it is one less meal I have to think of. I know we will be eating pizza ever week. If your like me and don't love meal planning this is a huge perk!

  • Oh I love their faces! It is so much fun to make weekly traditions and especially their own pizzas. I used to do that for lunch on Saturdays when my boys were younger.

    • Definitely! Yes you noticed their own pizzas. We always have two bigger pizzas, and Emily pizza and a Marissa one that is loaded with black olives. That girl LOVES black olives.

  • This is a great idea! We usually have pizza once a week but it usually ends up on nights that I forgot to meal plan :p I love how you have it on the same night every week. Super cool.

    • :). It kind of stemmed from me not being a big fan of cooking a big meal on Sunday night. Then it caught on and now it has became this. I don't see it changing for YEARS to come.

  • Amen sister on having a meal w/o complaints on what is being served. Love when I spend the time to create something new and they would have rather just had tuna fish.The pizzas turned out really good. What great chefs/helpers you have!

    • So true. I was blessed with a child that would eat almost anything, then I got Emily… Oh boy the challenges we have. It doesn't help that she is STUBBORN to (I have no idea where she got that, HA).

      They are great… most of the time ;).